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October 30th, 2014
Today, I will be doing my best to recollect how I first became inspired to become a musician. Seeing as how it feels like my flare for music has been going down, I figured that now would be a good time to do this. Mostly to serve as a reminder how my love for music began so I won’t lose that part of me as time goes on.
My love for music started when I was 6 years old. My father had taken me with him on a mining trip for the whole day. My father did that a lot as a kid to try to make me want to become a miner like he was. We had gone out of town for the day, seeing as how the mines were outside my hometown. It was about 6 in the evening when we stopped at a musical venue restaurant that was about half an hour away from the mine and on the way home. I was hungry at the time, so it was to be expected that I would be able to eat.
Anyways, my father and I went inside the restaurant to eat. We were given seats that were close to the music stage. My father didn’t like the seat, but he knew that I was hungry so he stuck out with it. When we ordered our food, I remember ordering their burrito special. My father and I talked as we waited for our food. We talked about many things, which I don’t fully remember.
After we had gotten our food, we began to enjoy what we were given. I could tell that my father wasn’t looking forward to when music would start playing. He kept looking at the stage with a glare, seeing the band set up. When he finished his food, he went outside. At first, I didn’t know what it was for. It was only 3 years later that I found out that he got a bad stomach from the food and needed to get some fresh air.
As I sat alone, the band that was on stage began to play. When they began to play, I was confused at first. I had no idea what music they were playing. It wasn’t like anything else I heard before. As their music started, it didn’t sound like anything I wanted to be a part off. Mostly percussion and guitar stuff. Music I heard plenty of times before. I was almost tempted to leave, if you could believe that. Right as I began to get up, I heard the other instruments begin to play. Right then and there, I sat back down. Those instruments sounded wonderful, and I wanted to listen to them. I began to move my head to the music. During that, the saxophone stuck out to me the most because it looked like the pokemon playing that instrument was having a lot of fun playing it. I continued to listen to their music, unaware that my father had come back into the restaurant. I never saw the look of disgust in his face about the music. When their song ended, pokemon clapped. I was right there with them, clapping my paws. As their second song began to play, my father had gotten me up. He propped me onto his back and began to walk out. Since I loved being on his back, I had no complaints. As we left the restaurant, I heard that saxophone one last time.
That was how I began to show interest in music. I began to listen to that type of music more, which I learned a few days after that was called Jazz. I hope that this will serve as a good reminder for me to not forget how I first showed interest in music so I will never let my passion for it go down again.

Melodeons: Inspiration Beginnings
So, it's been a long while since I last posted something on here. I guess drive has been really low lately, though I hope I can break out of this low here soon.

Anyways, here is a text entry for Melodeons

This is a submission for an activity check about how characters first got inspired by music. Here's Jake's story about how he got inspired by music.

Jake and writing: :iconninjasoilder:
For the group Melodeons
It seems like this new DA layout is trying to make it easier for artists to communicate with their watchers, but this may take some time to sink in for everyone.
When Sophie woke up, she heard a lot of commotion outside in the training halls. They were talking about how some of the trainer’s stuff was missing. Sophie didn’t take much word from this, until she saw that some of her gifts from Sage were missing. She was furious. She kept that stuff well hidden because she didn’t want them stolen, but someone from Team Rocket or another Trainer had taken them right from under her nose. She barged out of her door, only to see a lot of the Trainers in a group together. “All right, who stole stuff from my room!?” She shouted into the crowd. The crowd looked at her, and all shook their heads. The group then explained what was going on. Team Rocket has been on a stealing spree lately, and the Rangers haven’t been doing their jobs. However, Sophie had her own answer to that. “It’s either Team Rocket, or some of the Trainers in here. That’s my only theory as to why our stuff is being stolen.” She said. The Trainers simply told her that they were going to patrol around the town, since the Rangers were doing such a lackluster job with it. Sophie nodded her head. “That would be best, seeing as how those Rangers can’t even keep themselves safe.” She said.
She was not a happy cat today. With all that she found out this morning, it left a bad impression on her. It made her have an angry look on her face, and reflect that in her body posture. ”How can those Rangers be so bad at their jobs? Why is it that they can’t keep us safe, and at the very least themselves? Are they all lazy? Do they care for all of us around here? Are they conspiring with Team Rocket about all this?” She thought to herself as she got outside to begin patrolling the city. ”Well, I’m going to show those dumb Rangers up and do what they are incapable of doing.” She thought before she began to head to the town square itself.
When she got there, she saw nothing but panicking pokecats, census flyers, and warning posters all over the place. ”Wow. This is what they’re doing in order to keep us safe? Pathetic.” She thought to herself as she began to walk around. She was keeping her eyes open for pokecats who looked suspicious, had black bands on them, or anything else that looked black to her. So far, from what she could see, there was nothing related to all of that yet. At least she wouldn’t need to fight them in this area, at least. As she walked around, she saw a group of kittens walking around, as if nothing was happening. She approached the kittens, faking a smile on her face. “Hey kids. Listen: It would be best for you all to get inside.” She said to them. One of them looked back at her, who she assumed was the leader of the group. “Oh yeah, why should we? Nothing’s happening to us, and whatever happens, we can handle it.” He said to her. Sophie shook her head. “No. If Team Rocket catches you, you will not be able to escape. Not only that, but they won’t leave you breathing if you fight them. They are stronger and tougher than you, so there is no way you all can take even one of them on, even if you pride yourselves on fighting.” She said. The leader still wasn’t listening to Sophie. “Yeah right.” He said. Sophie was losing her patience. She didn’t want to keep dealing with them, which soon her wish came true. Some female pokecats came over to the kittens. From how they were talking to them, Sophie assumed that they were the mothers of the kittens. They told them to go inside, and all the kittens listened to them. ”Glad that’s done and over with.” Sophie thought to herself.
After wandering around the Town Square for what seemed like an hour, she decided to go patrol the farms and see how she could help them. It didn’t take her very long to get to the farm, and when she got there, she saw all the farmers running around frantically. ”What happened here? She thought to herself. She also saw no Rangers or Trainers here. That was truly bizarre. She decided to approach a Villager to see what was going on. “Hello? What is going on around here?” She asked the first pokecat she could get to. The female Villager glared at Sophie. “Not only are the Rangers not doing their job, but we also have no tools to farm, so we have to make more tools, as well as try to tend to the farms with our bare paws.” The Villager said. Sophie nodded her head. “I see. It seems like you have a lot on your plate. Would you like any help with anything?” She asked the Villager. The Villager nodded her head. “As a matter of fact, yes. We need help with watering the plants, as well as help with making more tools, though we wouldn’t let you do that, so it would be watering the plants for you.” She said. Sophie sighed. “All right. I can water the plants. Sounds easy enough.” She said. With that, the Villager showed Sophie where watering cans were, as well as sources of water. Sophie took one of the watering cans in her mouth and went to the fields.
There were a lot of plants that needed water. Sophie got started. She went to the berry plants first, and made sure that they all got enough water. As she did this, she kept her eyes open for any Team Rocket cats that may be here to cause trouble and chaos. At first, she saw nothing out of the ordinary as she watered the plants. As she got close to finishing the job, however she saw a cat with a black band on their tail walk onto the field. It was hard to see at first, but Sophie saw an outline of what looked like a red R on the band, from the stitching that was done to make it. She set the can down and approached the pokecat. “Hey! The fields are off limits to other pokecats, so you will need to leave.” She said to the pokecat. They looked back at her, and laughed. “I mean it.” Sophie said, right into the pokecat’s face. They still laughed as they walked more onto the field, trying to take the watering can she was using. Sophie sprung into action. She tackled the pokecat, getting ontop of the Rocket cat. “I told you to leave; now it will have to be by force.” She said.  She grabbed the pokecat by the neck fur, and began to drag the Rocket cat. The rocket cat did their best to escape, and soon did escape Sophie’s grip. When this happened, Sophie charged the cat. She grabbed the Team Rocket cat with her paws, and got into her hind legs. With the Rocket Cat still in her forepaws, she used Vital Throw to toss the pokecat against a rock outside the field. The Rocket cat did hit the rock, and soon other Villagers came over and began to chase the Rocket cat out. They tried to fight back, but they were outnumbered, and were forced to retreat. Sophie grabbed the bucket again and brought it back to the shed, watering all the plants she was able to water.
Sophie decided that the Villagers got all the help they needed today, so she decided to patrol the houses next. Getting to them was a real chore because of all the pokecats running around, as well as other Trainers doing their own patrols. When she got to the houses, Sophie began to look everywhere. She left no stone unturned, or any bush unchecked. She even looked on the roofs of the houses. From what she saw, she saw nothing out of the ordinary. She saw kittens watching her as she walked around, looking for any Team Rocket cats, or anything missing.
After a few hours of walking all over the island, Sophie sighed. She was tired from all the walking around. ”At least I know what the Rangers feel everyday.” She thought to herself as she decided to call it a day today. She began to make her way back to the Trainer’s Hut. When she got back, her paws and legs were rather sore. She got inside, and heard the Trainers giving their report on what they found. “I stopped a Rocket from stealing from the Villagers, and didn’t find anything that was stolen.” She said to them. After that, she headed up the stairs to her room. When she got inside her room, she plopped down on her bed and began to think about things. ”Why are the Rangers not helping us? Why are they not patrolling around the town? Why is Sage too busy to be there for the pokecats who need help? Why haven’t I seen him recently?” She thought to herself. “I want to see him again, to tell him something.” She whispered to herself before she fell asleep for a cat nap.
PF Sophie July Event - Patrolling Pains
Here is my submission for the July Assignment for Pocket-Felines

In this one, Sophie is having to patrol around the island because the Rangers aren't helping, and has some things she has to deal with, as well as thoughts about what is going on.

I hope you all enjoy this.

Sophie(character): :iconninjasoilder:
For the group :iconpocket-felines:
Ghostly-Travels Miles App by NinjaSoilder
Ghostly-Travels Miles App

Name of character: Miles

-Age: 22

-Gender: Male

-Rank: Poolside Bartender

-Orientation: Pansexual (this even means ghosts)

-Species: Cat

-Belief in ghosts: He will only believe ghosts if he sees them.

Miles is: |Outgoing|Loud|Caring|Tempermental|Loyal|Flirty|
Outgoing: Miles is always open to talk and socialize with other cats that come by. He is nowhere near anti-social. He is willing to make conversation with anyone, and anything.

Loud: Miles is very loud in what he says and does and people always seem to hear him from far away. This can lead others to be annoyed by him because of how loud he can get at times.

Caring: Miles has a soft spot for those who are hurt, sad, who ask for his help, and the ladies. This can even go as far as to ghosts. He will try to be caring towards any ghosts he may find, if he finds any…

Temperamental: Miles is known to go from happy to angry in a second; mostly this is random when this happens. He can also become a bit crazy from too much sweet/sugary stuff, because of how it makes his body act and mind think.


Flirty Miles just LOVES to make ladies and men feel special. He likes to flirt with them and tries to get them riled up from either compliments about their looks, expressing what parts of their personality he likes, to outright hugging/kissing.

Loyal: Even though he loves to flirt with others that he sees, he is EXTREMELY loyal to a romantic partner or a love if he has one and will lay down the law on any person who tries to make advances on him.










Video games

Experiencing new things




Being spooked/scared

The dark

Greek food

Asian food

Loud music

Being away from home



Miles was first born in America. He grew up with his mother, father, brother, and sister. His father worked as a magician, and his mother worked as an actress. This led to a big creative influence being put within the family. His parents always supported the creative ideas of Miles, his brother, and sister. This was all fine, except Miles went more into the logical side of things. He always planned things out, and didn’t really try to be creative with what he did. This made his parents disappointed, but they still were willing to support whatever he wanted to do.

At school, Miles always did good with grades. He was more often than not the top of his class with grades. This made his classmates bully and pick on him. Unlike others, Miles went along with what they did. He even acted the extreme of what a nerd/geek was at the time. He did this whenever the problem arises. Because the bullies saw that what they were doing was not affecting him, they all eventually gave up. That was Mile’s way of showing a creative side.

As the school years went on, Miles got involved in playing video games. Since the friends he had all played games, He too got involved with them. He was hooked into them. He played them a lot of time, but he didn’t go overboard. He still made time for studying and hanging out with friends/family. Because Miles always got so engrossed in video games, it got him to take creative writing classes. He didn’t do well in them at first because of how he always thought. Because of this, his overall GPA dropped.

When his parents found out, they helped Miles learn how to be creative with writing. After months of lessons at home and school, Miles soon began to excel in creative writing. He soon began to love writing stories. By the time the end of high school came around, Miles already knew of what he wanted to do. He wanted to be an author.

The years he spent in College went by in a blur. He got so caught up in classes, he lost his sense of time. During this time, he wrote a lot of stories, talked to publishers to get them published, which was very hit and miss. While most of his ideas were rejected, some did make it through. Two were children’s books, and one was a mature Sci-Fi novel. This got him more motivated to write. When he graduated college, he decided the best thing to do was to explore the world and get ideas for books.

This was when Miles heard about the Weeping Voyager. He heard about how the boat went all over the world. He decided that this was his moment to go explore the world, and get new ideas on writing. However, he was not able to afford being a long guest on the boat. His solution: Get a job on the boat. He applied for a Poolside Bartender position. He was rather persistent, which soon paid off when he was offered a job. This made him really happy. He packed up what he could when the boat was coming near his town. He said good bye to his friends and family, before he boarded the boat, unaware of what would happen to him…

Relationships: None
:bulletred: Hatred/Rivalry
:bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Unsure
:bulletyellow: Good friend
:bulletorange: Respect
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletpurple: Love
:bulletblack: Dead
:bulletwhite: Unknown


-Why are they on the ship?

Miles is on the ship because he wants to see the world and get new idea for books by using the writing styles of different cultures to write his stories in a new way.

-Do they believe in the ghost stories, or are they skeptic?

Miles won’t outright say he doesn’t believe in ghosts, but he does need to see proof of ghosts before he will believe in them.

-How easily do they get scared?

Miles gets spooked rather easily, which makes him a good target for pranks.

Miles(character) and art: :iconninjasoilder:
Application art and for the group: :iconghostly-travels:
P-O-A Bero's ring to Kida by NinjaSoilder
P-O-A Bero's ring to Kida
"You may now exchange the rings." The priest said.
Bero smiled when Kida reached out and put her ring on him. It looked wonderful. It began to make him feel nervous. He pulled out his ring. From where he came from, this would be considered a piece of jewelry that showed he deeply cared for her. He took her hand and slid it on. Even though he didn't fully know her ring size, it was a perfect fit.

Okay. Since eeveegirl6 drew up Kida's engagement ring for Bero, I decided to do the same. It's a bit late, but I haven't been able to draw something until now.

Anyways, this is the ring Bero got for Kida. He got a base silver ring. When he had time, he carved in the decorations. The design itself may have no significance to his homeland, but the gems do. In his home land, the more types of gems and jewels you used on the ring, the more it showed you care for someone. Having them in a pattern is also a plus. With this ring, Bero used Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Yellow Topaz, and a Pearl. He put them in a pattern, where the colors appeared on opposite sides of the design itself, with the Pearl being in the middle.

Ring and Bero(character) :iconninjasoilder:
Kida(character): :iconeeveegirl6:
For the group :iconpokemon-of-avalon:


You see nothing!
United States
Hello. My name is Tyler. I live in a desert and am enjoying art as I am slowly improving in it. My age will be a secret, same as location. My gender is male and I like playing games and like commentating them a bit.

Current Residence: Arizona
Print preference: None
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Alternative
Favourite photographer: None
Favourite style of art: My style
Operating System: Windows 7
Favourite cartoon character: Tom cat, Ed
Personal Quote: "Go at your own tempo"
Hello, Ninja here.

I hope that everyone has a merry Christmas this year. I don't have much time to plan much more besides this, so I am sorry about that.

Anywho, I hope everyone has a happy holiday season, and that you're thankful for what you have.

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